Coldwave, Part 2 (1980s French Post-Punk & Underground Rock)

Last August, we did a 2-hour spin-off broadcast of our Unfinished Business (1980s Post-Punk) series that focused on just French coldwave and other post-punk/underground rock from the era. We promised a sequel... it took us awhile, but finally: here it is. A third (and probably also fourth) part is sure to follow, as we're sitting on plenty more gems that we haven't covered yet.

Here's the playlist for Part 2 of Coldwave (1980s French Post-Punk & Underground Rock), which was broadcast on Saturday, April 18, 2015

Martin Dupont - "Just Because"
Exces Nocturne - "L'ennemi"
Opera Multi Steel - "Regret Qui S'Ecaille"
Lucie Cries - "Clara"
Guerre Froide - "La Chanson D'Ian"
Modernes - "Ver L'est"
Les Garcons - "Les Deux Amants"
Act - "Ping Pong"
Polyphonic Size - "Je T'ai Tojours Aimee"
Indochine - "Miss Paramount"
Orchestre Rouge - "Je Cherche Une Drogue (Qui Ne Fait Pas Mal)"
Opera de Nuit - "Invitation"

[Archived audio of this show is currently unavailable. Check back soon.]

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