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No Way Out

After 7 years attending UW-Madison and more than 4 years broadcasting on WSUM, we're saddened to announce that we'll be leaving this city and this fine institution in the next couple months. The Way Out is no more. There will be no new broadcasts of the show.

We intend to keep our archives available for the foreseeable future, so please continue to enjoy the many, many hours of programs found here on this website. There are also a lot of archived shows that have never been posted online; we're working to get those edited and we'll share them little by little over the coming months. We're aware, too, that many of the streaming links on this site are currently inactive (the cloud storage service we were using to host the files recently shut down), and we'll go through and get those links refreshed as soon as possible.

A special thanks to Dave Black and all the student volunteers, past and present, who make WSUM such a tremendous radio station. We're so glad to have been a part of it for a little while.

Thanks for listening!

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Ambient 3: Music for Studying

Here's the playlist for the 2-hour set Ambient 3: Music for Studying, which was broadcast on Monday, December 21, 2015:

The Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Air"
Robbie Basho - "Variations on 'Claire de Lune'"
Michael Hedges - "The Rootwitch"
Kitaro - "Caravansary"
Wendy Carlos - "Beauty in the Beast"
Brian Eno - "The Chill Air"
Ashra - "Ocean of Tenderness"
Michael Stearns - "Rivers of Rhythm"
Harold Budd - "Afar"
Vangelis - "Dial Out"
Deuter - "Alchemy"
Bill Nelson - "The Four Square Citadel"
J.D. Emmanuel - "Arabian Fantasy"
Suzanne Ciani - "The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby"
Harmonia & Eno '76 - "By the Riverside"
Apollo Chamber Orchestra (John Luther Adams) - "Diminished Bells"
Bill Douglas - "Karuna"
Steven Halpern - "Crystal Cathedral"
Brian Eno - "Lizard Point"
Tangerine Dream - "Rubycon, Pt. 1"

Check out Ambient 1 here and Ambient 2 here.

[Archived audio of this show is currently unavailable. Check back soon.]

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