Unthemed Show #2

Here's the playlist for our Saturday, April 11, 2015, broadcast, which was a loosely themed 1980s-1990s (but mostly 90s) Britpop and U.K. indie-pop show (with a few Kiwi tracks thrown in). 

Hefner - "The Greedy Ugly People"
Television Personalities - "Smashing Time"
The Pastels - "Comin' Through"
Comet Gain - "Movies"
Heavenly - "Pet Monkey"
The Clean - "Beatnik"
The Bats - "Made Up in Blue"
The Pooh Sticks - "Time to Time"
The Soup Dragons - "Slow Things Down"
Supergrass - "Lose It"
Suede - "Moving"
Sultans of Ping F.C. - "You Talk Too Much"
Spare Snare - "As a Matter of Fact"
Adorable - "Still Life"
The Charlottes - "Liar"
The Chills - "Singing in My Sleep"
The Family Cat - "Pass Away"

[Archived audio of this show is currently unavailable. Check back soon.]

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