DC, Not Dischord (1990s DC Indie Rock)

Minor Threat, Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses, Bad Brains. Those are likely some of the bands you first think of when you consider music from our nation's capitol. Great bands, all. And indeed, Washington, D.C.'s hardcore punk and post-hardcore scene is rich and deep. But as we already play those acts often here on The Way Out - check out our Also On Dischord show from this past April - we thought we'd feature a different area of D.C. underground music this week. We've turned our attention to D.C.'s early/mid-1990s indie-pop scene, in particular acts on three of the city's best record labels: Slumberland, Simple Machines, and TeenBeat. (We took some artistic liberties with the NYC-based Versus, based on their relationship with TeenBeat.) While Slumberland and TeenBeat are no longer run out of D.C. and Simple Machines sadly ceases to exist, we nevertheless thought we'd pay tribute to three of the record labels that helped make D.C. underground rock music so great these past few decades.

Here's the playlist for our Saturday, September 20, 2014, broadcast:

Whorl - "Maybe It's Better"
Unrest - "Can't Sit Still"
Black Tambourine - "Throw Aggi Off the Bridge"
Lilys - "February Fourteenth"
The Ropers - "I Don't Mind"
Teenage Gang Debs - "On Tape"
Tsunami - "Be Like That"
Eggs - "It's Hard to Be an Egg"
Tuscadero - "Nancy Drew"
Blast Off Country Style - "Hey, Hey, I Love You Bitch"
My New Boyfriend - "Thurston Dance"
Versus - "Blade of Grass"
Bastro - "Sketch for Sleepy"
Lorelei - "The Bitter Air"
Velocity Girl - "Tales of Brave Aphrodite"

Archived streaming audio of this show can be heard here now (playable in Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Opera, and Safari browsers):

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