Destroy All Music, Part 1 (Early U.S. Punk & Hardcore)

While late 1970s and early 1980s punk and hardcore music is regularly featured on The Way Out, we recently realized it's been a little while since we dug deep into these genres on the show, especially with a focus solely on the U.S. scene. For instance, last semester we did a whole series of shows dedicated to U.K. post-punk and indie-pop. We also did another run of shows focused on the "classic" indie/college rock era of the late 1980s and 1990s that emerged out of the first couple waves of punk and hardcore (Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Beat Happening, et al).

So, we decided to kick off this Spring semester with a few shows dedicated to late 1970s and early 1980s U.S. punk and hardcore. And we've chosen to focus on some of the more obscure artists from this movement, by which we mean no Black Flag, no Minor Threat, no Bad Brains, no Dead Kennedys, no Germs, no X, and so on. We love those bands but we play their music fairly regularly, as do a few other DJs on WSUM. Thus, we thought we'd give some other bands their due. (And certainly, if you know this period of music well, many of these artists below are hardly "obscure." But we think it's safe to argue that they definitely don't receive the attention of Black Flag and the other handful of groups named above.)

We're dubbing this series of shows Destroy All Music - a nod to terrific The Weirdos song, which indeed kicked off the whole series. Part 1 was broadcast on Thursday, January 23, 2014, and at least a couple more sets will follow in the weeks to come. Here's the playlist for Part 1:

The Weirdos - "Destroy All Music"
Black Randy and the Metrosquad - "Idi Amin"
Articles of Faith - "Bad Attitude"
The Zero Boys - "Civilization's Dying"
Flipper - "Living For the Depression"
The Fix - "Vengeance"
Deep Wound - "I Saw It"
The Fiends - "Asian White"
Redd Kross - "Pseudo-Intellectual"
The Embarrassment - "Celebrity Art Party"
White Flag - "Face Down"
False Prophets - "Scorched Earth"
The Pagans - "Not Now No Way"
Void - "War Hero"
Ignition - "Anger Means"
Alice Donut - "Burlesque"
Wipers - "Alien Boy"
No Trend - "Without Me"
The Avengers - "The American in Me"
Big Boys - "Fun Fun Fun"
The Dils - "You're Not Blank"
Really Red - "I Was a Teenage Fuck Up"
Nihilistics - "You're to Blame"

[No archived audio available.]

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