No Wave (Goodbye)

It's the end of another semester. And, in many ways, the end of The Way Out. For personal reasons, we won't be renewing the show for the Spring semester. Meaning that, for the first time in nearly 4 years, The Way Out won't hold a regular weekly slot on WSUM. We'll still be in Madison for at least the next 6 months and we'll drop in for pop-up broadcasts from time to time (follow us on Twitter to get notices about future shows). However, the days of regularly scheduled Way Out broadcasts are over.

For our final proper show, we decided to return to one of our favorite music scenes, the New York no wave movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Here's the playlist for our No Wave (Goodbye) episode, which was broadcast on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

Liquid Liquid - "Cavern"
Suicide - "Cheree"
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - "The Closet"
Theoretical Girls - "Polytonal"
Massacre - "Legs"
James Chance & The Contortions - "Dish It Out"
Kid Creole & The Coconuts - "Mister Softee"
Bush Tetras - "You Can't Be Funky"
The Lounge Lizards - "Do the Wrong Thing"
Mars - "11,000 Volts"
DNA - "Size"
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - "No Golden Throat"
Certain General - "Back Downtown"
Dark Day - "Arp's Carpet"
Material - "Reduction"
Y Pants - "The Shah Song"
ESG - "Erase You"

[Archived audio of this show is currently unavailable. Check back soon.]

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