Sunday Mornings, Part 1

As we noted last week, the show has moved to Sunday mornings for the Fall 2015 semester. This week we kicked off a new series (if you can even call it that) which will continue for at least the next few weeks. In it, we're mixing together 1960s-70s folk and psych rock with 1980s indie-pop and college rock and 1990s shoegaze, post-rock, and slowcore. We'll surely slip in some other genres and eras from time to time, too. In other words, these'll be much more loosely themed shows than you may expect from us here at The Way Out. Nevertheless, it's all music that we think will make for a nice Sunday morning soundtrack, whether you're just rolling out of bed late, cooking up some breakfast, getting ready for an idle day of football watching, running errands around town, or catching up on email and other work for the week ahead.

Here's the playlist for our Part 1 of our Sunday Mornings series, which was broadcast on Sunday, September 20, 2015.

The Velvet Underground & Nico - "Sunday Morning"
Ride - "Here and Now"
Unwound - "Lifetime Achievement Award"
Fugazi - "Strangelight"
Codeine - "Second Chance"
Scott Walker - "30 Century Man"
Brian Eno - "I'll Come Running"
Can - "Sing Swan Song"
Television - "Glory"
The Verve - "Gravity Grave (Edit)"
The Telescopes - "In Every Sense"
Nick Drake - "One of These Things First"

[Archived audio of this show is currently unavailable. Check back soon.]

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