Thanksgiving 2013: Songs About Food

As we explained in our Halloween post, the holidays are a big deal here at The Way Out. Or at least, they're a good excuse to dig through our record collection and choose songs based around a central theme. There might not be a whole lot of Thanksgiving-specific songs out there. But there are A LOT of great songs about food. And at this point in modern civilization, apart from discount retail, what's Thanksgiving all about, really? Eating obscene amounts of food.

So, for our Thanksgiving show this year - a special 3-hour broadcast on Saturday, November 30, 2013 - we put together a mammoth playlist of Songs About Food. The biggest difficulty was narrowing the set down to songs that are actually about, well, food (or eating, cooking, et al). That is, a lot of musicians use food as a metaphor for sex, dancing, or whatever else. For the most part, the following songs are actually about cuisine.

Descendents - "I Like Food"
Descendents - "Weinerschnitzel"
Beck - "Satan Gave Me a Taco"
The Who - "Heinz Baked Beans"
The Beatles - "Savoy Truffle"
Pink Floyd - "Candy and a Currant Bun"
The Razorcuts - "Big Pink Cake"
The Beach Boys - "Vegetables"
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - "Call Any Vegetable"
Gang of Four - "Cheeseburger"
Spinal Tap - "Cups and Cakes"
Shonen Knife - "Rock 'n' Roll Cake"
Y Pants - "Beautiful Food"
Six Finger Satellite - "Hot Food"
Bob Dylan - "Country Pie"
Tom Waits - "Eggs and Sausage"
Robert Johnson - "They're Red Hot"
Hank Williams - "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)"
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Jambalaya"
The Marathons - "Peanut Butter"
The Flaming Lips - "She Don't Use Jelly"
Camper Van Beethoven - "All Her Favorite Fruit"
Southern Culture On the Skids - "Eight Piece Box"
Modest Mouse - "All Night Diner"
They Might Be Giants - "Dinner Bell"
Weird Al Yankovic - "Eat It"
Black Flag - "Black Coffee"
James Brown - "(Do the) Mashed Potatoes, Pt. 1"
The J.B.'s - "Pass the Peas"
A Tribe Called Quest - "Ham 'N' Eggs"
Titus Andronicus - "Food Fight!"
Fat Boys - "All You Can Eat"
The Dead Milkmen - "Filet of Sole"
The Kingsmen - "Jolly Green Giant"
Peter Sellers - "Bangers and Mash"
Blondie - "Eat to the Beat"
Sugarcubes - "Eat the Menu"
The B-52s - "Butterbean"
Nirvana - "Beans"
Beastie Boys - "Egg Man"
Monty Python - "Spam Song"
Rocket From the Crypt - "He's a Chef"
Lou Reed - "Egg Cream"
The Kinks - "Maximum Consumption"
The Turtles - "Food"
Elijah & The Ebonites - "Hot Grits!!!!"
The Ink Spots - "Pork Chops and Gravy"
The Band - "Home Cookin'"
Paul McCartney - "Eat at Home"
Wynonie Harris - "I Like My Baby's Pudding"
The Isley Brothers - "Cold Bologna"
X-Ray Spex - "Junk Food Junkie"
Harry Chapin - "Thanksgiving Hunger Drives"
The Smiths - "Meat is Murder"

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